This is an expansion pack for Battle for Middle Earth II. It adds new armies such as Arnor & Angmar and has many new expanded heroes and units. The game focuses on the Return of the Witch King to power after the fall of Sauron in the second age. In his new arrival Arnor is losing its blood and is scrabbling over Rhuadar, Arthedain and Cardolan.

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great game!!!!



BEST game eveR!

Amazing game, still tops the C&C series sometimes.

Awesome game, 10 out of 10 from me.

This is by far the best mod that i've ever seen, as also one of the best LOTR games.
Loved the trilogy and Edain team is doing a great work!
Keep it up guys!!!

great game, ive been playing it for years

The best game i ever played! Protect your beards!!!


Alio-kAriOlA says

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makes the game about 10 times as large and at least 100 times as fun to play, better balancing, way more possiblities to play, more diversities between the different nations

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