Aztez is the marriage of turn based strategy and deep beat 'em up combat. Set in the world of the Precolumbian Mesoamerica at the birth of the Aztec civilization, you will take control of the burgeoning political power and turn it into the most incredible empire that the western half of the planet has ever seen. Manage the empire and establish income from a high level, and then utilize real time beat 'em up gameplay to address the various political events the regularly occur in the empire.

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How we have built and composed our many characters.

Posted by on - Intermediate Players Modelling

In this image we have 4 characters you will see in the game. There are many more than this, and I'll show them to you as time goes on. But you can see that these 4 character concepts share the same physical proportions and it's only their equipment that sets them apart from each other. This applies to the rest of the cast as well.

This was an entirely conscious desicion that serves multiple purposes. From a creative standpoint, I knew up front that I didn't want to spend any time writing a story or developing characters; Ultimately I know that people play beat-em-ups because they want to experience exciting combat...not to be a part of some nonsensical melodrama. None of the characters in Aztez will have a distinct face (though they will have facial expressions we will use as gameplay cues) and none of them will speak. I feel that in the context of a game like this, those things simply aren't important.

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there certainly is a difference when you're controlling a character that looks like a brawler vs. a character that looks like a ninja. It helps to role play when you see those distinctions, thus enhancing the experience.

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