Anachronox is a 3D role-playing game produced by Tom Hall and developed by Ion Storm. It runs on a slightly modified version of the Quake 2 engine, featuring a new animation system and advanced camera effects.

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I shouldn't even need to say anything here other than, play the game asap.


Fima_Ru says

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A lost classic you never even heard of, I myself stumbled upon it by mistake, looking for games set in cyberpunk settings, and well, I am very impressed, first of all is the humor of the game, which get really crazy but very unique at the same time, I can't remember laughing from a game so much. then there is the whole setting, the camera work, the crazy npc, its all combined into this Anachronox experience which calling it one of a kind is underrating it. though don't let the humor fool you, this game is not shallow, its has real depth, character development, plot, and even science that gave me goosebumps from how accurate it is. the only downside is that the game was discontinued(developers planned to release 2 more universes) and some people complain about the slow beginning(which I actually didn't notice), I don't take reviewing lightly, and don't throw around 10's, but this one deserve it, like Deus Ex and System Shock do.


ADTeamâ„¢ says

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Oh god, I love this game so much!


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