Build your battlefield and engineer your assault in this FREE multiplayer voxel team shooter.

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It says a lot about a game when it's more addictive than minecraft. I spent $60 on BF3, and built a computer for it and Skyrim. Played BF3 once, but got frustrated because it wasn't as fun as AoS. Blue ftw.

Love, Rorshach.

Amazing !!!! Fun and easy to play , also features a part of creation ! It has everything to become a very popular game .

Lacks some polish but good direction and gameplay.

I can play this game for hours at a time because it doesn't get old like other games. Other shooters get stale pretty fast once everyone has learned all the maps, but if the maps can be changed by players all the time, its always fresh, and its always fun to knock down enemy buildings with grenades. Minecraft+first person shooters is the ultimate game.

Honestly one of the most exciting up-and-coming game i have played. The action is always tense, you're always on the lookout for snipers, the map is dynamic, the controls are easy to learn, the options are straightforward (rifle/smg/shotty) and as adrenaline-packed as counter-strike. There is nothing like building a fortress, digging under the enemy's front lines, or capping people at close range with a shotty. The action is instant and fun. I hope this game gets more recognition.


best game ever

This game is the perfect mix, a bit BF and a bit MC makes a hole new game AOS :D

Good game but last update was the worse one ever. =D =P XD
Please jagex,Just fix your buggy and laggy update and give it back our rocketeer. =D =P XD

The Best Multiplayer game but it's hard to catch rocketeers in zombie mode so they need to fix this problem.

This game is fantastic!
I have nothing against the old engine!
Ken Silverman said that one day voxels will rule the world! And he was right!
Also the great plus is that EVERYONE can play it, if he has a 3D acceleration card. There are many voxels!
Minecraft requires a heck of a computer and uses polygons!

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