3079 is a futuristic, open-world action first-person role playing game. You arrive on a planet experiencing constant war. It is your duty to find out why the warring factions cannot find peace on their own & hopefully restore it yourself. All areas, buildings, items, quests and characters are randomly generated. You will find unique lands & challenges. I hope you enjoy it! "Just want to say again that this is a great game! For those of you who feel like its a minecraft copy just beacuse of the cube textures used you really need to rethink what a game is about! The game play of 3079 is nothing like minecraft it is pretty unique as well as how the weapons all have diffrent stats and colors kind of reminds me of Borderlands. However it is still an original idea for a game and i still play it from time to time. You should at least try the demo and if you like it please buy it and support fruit! :D Still give it a 9/10 ! Best Regards, Adam" -- SeaNanners Sequel @ 3089game.wordpress.com

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Now you can hijack ships, use night vision goggles & play a longer single-player campaign! Many other gameplay mechanics were tweaked and improved. Also, last chance to get the game at the reduced BETA pricing!

Posted by Phr00t on Mar 30th, 2012

Hey all,

This update brings some much requested features to the table like night vision goggles, an extended storyline & ship hijacking. I also did some more playtesting, from start to finish, to tweak the gameplay mechanics and resolve bugs. This may be 3079's biggest update yet!

This will be the last "BETA" release -- I plan on dropping this label on April 7th, when the next update is planned. I'd like to gather all remaining known bugs and get them fixed, so 3079 can truly be called "stable". This means you will have about a week left to get 3079 at a reduced price ($8.99) -- when the game goes "stable", the price will be $12.49.

I also created a new trailer, which severely needed to be updated to show off the latest look and feature set:

Here are the complete list of changes:
* Mini-ship hijacking! "Interact" with mini-ships to use your strength to attempt a hijack
* You can now grapple to mini-ships (and big ships) using the grappling hook
* Extended the main storyline (level 5 requirement on demon heads & new demon influence challenge)
* New item: night vision goggles! (with a new key mapping to toggle goggles)
* New textures, including a unique player texture for multiplayer games from Urcheon
* Made cities spawn more often
* Added item attribute percentages to better explain/compare bonuses
* Giant enemies now can crush you when very close
* Players now start games with a level 1 radar
* Melee weapons will now hit more accurately according to the crosshairs
* Demon Smiters now do "normal" damage to higher level Demons, instead of none
* Tweaked the difficulty scale (starting game is a bit easier, but gets harder quicker)
* Gave mini-ships a little more health
* Really fixed the bug that caused mini-ships to stack
* Fixed a bug that caused quest targets to be turrets
* Normal (non-merchant & non-leader) guys will sometimes spawn in city fort buildings now
* Fixed a bug that caused some key mappings to not save correctly
* Fixed demon head coloring in inventory
* Generators will now generate more energy
* The "effects" indicator will now properly display on loaded games
* Improved performance a bit with day/night changes
* Added in a "Detects Level: 1-X" for radars (and night visors) in their descriptions
* Fixed the "ESC" key at the end of the game
* Fixed the "player killed by" messages in multiplayer games to be more accurate
* Fixed a bug that caused rare crashes and other oddities with held items in multiplayer
* Reduced the energy bonus caused by using items until your energy runs out
* Radar plots will now be removed immediately on target death
* Effects will now be properly cleared after respawning from death
* Lowered turret health a bit
* Fixed a bug in damage calculation when using the mini-ship weapon

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FullMetal358 Mar 31 2012 says:

Thank you for the ship hijacking I'm tired of looking for one
yay I don't feel so lonely in the forts anymore
glad generators work more efficiently
one thing that would be cool is different planet atmosphere colors that could be randomly generated (sometimes they could be green or red, sometimes they just turn out purple anyway.) I am almost tired of just seeing purple sky all the time

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TheGoingDown Mar 31 2012 says:

woha nice - especially the grappling part <5

+1 vote     reply to comment
BiskutMentega Mar 31 2012 says:

hijacking the mothership, blow it up from inside after killing all the ship crew will be more bad-*** like.

+5 votes     reply to comment
blackout369 Jul 31 2012 replied:

been there... done that

+1 vote     reply to comment
PaveMentman Apr 1 2012 says:

I really have to say I am extremely pleased how this game ended to be and how much devs put time and efford to make amazing changes into this game: It's almost complete different game than it was at the beginning of this year when the first Alpha-version was released, even though the very same base which made this game really good still exist there.

Thank you so much for this awesome "pocket-money" entertaiment, I can only speak good things aout this game and the devs at the moment.

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VandalSQ Apr 1 2012 says:

Nice nice !

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iBoba_Fett Apr 2 2012 says:

Good to see you made the grappling hook actually pull YOU toward ships, rather than the other way around (which was quite hilarious to do). Some day I hope maybe you'll add in big ships flying around for both sides that are actually enter-able. Like rooms and what not ;) Hopefully a Server Browser is high on your list too! I can never find a server to join that has anyone playing

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androidconnors Apr 3 2012 says:

Game wont load now. Tried reinstalling java, no luck. will get as far as asking me if I want to play on easy mode. window then disappears and nothing happens. A 3079 process is running in the background, but cant get to it.
newest java

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Phr00t Author
Phr00t Apr 4 2012 replied:

Can you try running 3079 via a command line?

Go to Start -> Run -> enter "cmd"

Navigate to where 3079 is installed using "cd" commands (e.g. "cd c:/program files (x86)/Desura/Common/3079" or "cd c:/program files/3079")

Once there, enter

java -Xmx1024M -jar 3079.exe

Then run the game and see if any crash error text pops up when starting the game.

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androidconnors Apr 4 2012 replied:

says java is not a recognized command. I can't start 3079.exe either

+1 vote     reply to comment
Phr00t Author
Phr00t Apr 4 2012 replied:

If you installed Java correctly, you should be able to run a Java command. Make sure you are getting Java 7u3 here:


However, the problem you describe is usually caused by your graphics card not supporting something I'm doing -- what kind of card do you have?

+1 vote   reply to comment
androidconnors Apr 4 2012 replied:

stuck at 97% to download and reinstall
It ran just fine before

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Phr00t Author
Phr00t Apr 4 2012 replied:

Can you send me a personal message? Maybe we can try something else...

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Rallehop Apr 4 2012 says:

the only thing i think should happend. is. that you should make the player faster. I started a new world. And then i did go ahead trying to find quest givers (leaders) but it takes hours as you are very slow. And then i want to know. what is the main goal is it to get a Demon Smiter? because i never had 1 of those xD

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glaasje Apr 9 2012 replied:

*feels abused... O_O*

+1 vote     reply to comment
BanditPanda Apr 5 2012 says:


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koolbrosMK Apr 6 2012 says:

hOW DO you update the game on a mac?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Phr00t Author
Phr00t Apr 6 2012 replied:

Desura just added Macs to their system, so I'm not entirely sure how the whole process works. However, I suspect you can just re-download the Java installer and re-install, since it will just replace your copy with the latest version.

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djnforce9 Apr 7 2012 says:

Seems the Alpha label is already dropped now (it displays as 3079 Stable in Desura) but I guess the actual update isn't up yet since it still says BETA within the game itself.

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Phr00t Author
Phr00t Apr 7 2012 replied:

Yes, I am aware of this. Desura needs to authorize the update, which they have sitting in their queue (and they have been notified). I can update the text and desciption without their authorization, so I've gotten that done. However, since the update isn't available yet, I've still kept the price at the reduced rate.

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player100 Apr 11 2012 says:

im glad now ill pay full price if i knew how to donate i would but idk how but anyways im gettin it tomorrow!!!

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