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Jun 5 2013 Anchor

Hey guys! Have you ever noticed how many gamers are out there making youtube videos trying to get noticed? There's a lot of really good gamers out there aside from the youtube major league (Toby, Pewdie, Markiplier etc). Well we here at GameSomniac wanted to put together something big that involves as many underground gamers that we could get on board. We've started THE GAMERS INITIATIVE, an online gaming union, cult, brotherhood call it whatever you want, the purpose of this faction still remains the same. We want you guys to promote yourselves, post your videos to the page, talk to other gamers, meet new people, get out there and show us what you guys can do! The union is currently based on facebook and is very small. Hopefully if more people get on board, the bigger it gets the more it will evolve. WE are not looking for fame or to be well known admins or any of that crap, we just wanna hang out with our gaming brethren and sister-ren (? lol) So if you're interested in some free publicity and meeting new gamers follow the link to the official facebook page, like it and get started. INFACT Why wait? If you're a gamer who has some gaming videos, Post 'em on this thread we wanna see 'em! :) Peace bros! \m/\m/


- GameSomniac

WolkeDev Creation Kit Expert & Corsair Fanatic
Jun 7 2013 Anchor

I'm a streamer myself, I don't particularily (i really dunno how to spell that word correctly) make video's on youtube but I wouldn't mind trying to find or promoting some underground youtubers that im subbed to myself.
If I could promote my own Streaming channel that would be awesome too of course, even though I'm not active much lately.
I do it for fun, not for the views or money, having some people there would make my life more fun though, having someone to talk to while streaming is awesome even though it feels like it's nothing special for the people watching.
I'll see what I can get done, It's a good idea and way to get some underrated people who really deserve some attention get noticed out there.

Well, my stream is:

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Jun 25 2013 Anchor

Hmm, sounds neat. Sure, I'll bite!

My channel is

Mostly indie games, a lot of beta and alpha releases, some well known titles like Super Meat Boy and Amnesia, some sort of known ones like Anna (extended edition) and Miasmata, and come... July probably? I'll be covering my first major release, Saints Row: The Third.

Jun 26 2013 Anchor

Got yourself a good idea there. My channel is

Just startin out, but ill be playin a lot of random indie games to help spread the word about unknown games. Cheers!

Jul 3 2013 Anchor

UPDATE! I've also created a group here on IndieDB where you guys can network! JOIN THE INITIATIVE TODAY! FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW!

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Jul 19 2013 Anchor


eulalio7104 Nice Mother
Jul 31 2013 Anchor

Me and the rest of the people I make my videos with really like this idea and this it is about time someone tries to help out us smaller YouTubers. We would enjoy taking part in this. Check us out!

Aug 17 2013 Anchor

I'm having a question as a developer. If I want to send some news to all of you guys, and the ones that will join the initiative later on, will there be some unified form of contact or will I have to hunt you all down separately?

That would be great if you shared some kind of contact "box", so that indie devs could send one news to all of you.

Aug 17 2013 Anchor

Rimau you're more than welcome to post the news on the initiative FB page and the group itself, I can also give you similar groups that you can join to spread the news further. By posting in the group everyone will see it so it is more of a unified contact.


Aug 18 2013 Anchor

So just one more question, as I don't want to "spam". Are previews, trailers, and general news on WIP also welcome, or only released games info for let's play kind of videos?

And if you could direct me to some other interesting groups that would be great :)

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Aug 18 2013 Anchor

Let me put it to you this way. If it is video game related.....Post it. :) Here's some groups for indie game dev and gaming:


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Aug 18 2013 Anchor

Cool, that's great, I will post the info about our motion comic trailer that is available for download and redistribuiton on YT.

And many thanks for the other links.

Aug 18 2013 Anchor

Lemme just leave this here

I'm still looking for a group of gamers to get a podcast going, so if you're interested PM me over on the channel.

SuperSajuuk YouTube Let's Player
Aug 19 2013 Anchor

Not a bad idea. I liked the facebook page and posted my youtube channel there.

Aug 26 2013 Anchor

This sounds like a great idea!

I'll join!
My Channel,

Aug 28 2013 Anchor

Sounds like fun, I'll join :)

Aug 31 2013 Anchor

Cool. I edit CS videos for all people out there.

Aug 31 2013 Anchor


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Oct 2 2013 Anchor

Pretty good idea mate ( I know i'm late, lol )
I'll do a little introduction about my channel then :)
My channel name is Cr0wx7 ( Reason why i choose the name? It's because i like crows :) )
I mainly do Let's Play games ( Doing Live Commentary Too ), which can be from action to horror game
Indie to more popular titles and such :)

Hope you enjoy this little introduction ! :)

Here my Youtube Channel if you want to take a look and support me :)
Youtube Channel | Youtube.comCr0wX7

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