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Apr 1 2013 Anchor

I am a guy interested in action-packed stories with large universes, and many plot openings for spin offs and such. Now that' s a little over the top, but I can do a few things here and there to make that happen. I am only a high school student about to graduate, but I spend most of my day exploring my mind. Everyone does this, but me... ah, a little too much. When I am doing school work, I think of story ideas. When I am walking, my mind opens up even further. When I play games on the computer and consoles, I can't stop thinking what it would be like if this were to happen instead and imagining the actual event. Then I will drop the controller and start pacing in my kitchen, sometimes for hours, developing these ideas. Lol this is how I get carried away.

So there is this one story that I plan to turn into a novel series in a few months. It's got fantasy, lots of religions and science, mythology, spiritual connections and many other stuff. I went so far as to research things and ask reliable sources about certain things, often times finding a new revelation (been doing this for a year and a half now). It's a six part series and I don't plan on posting it here because I am secretive like that. However, there are some things I put over the internet already. They are small but good.

Here is my first example:
It is a story idea for an online game called Maplestory, and I made this literally in just a few hours on the spot. It is an idea I made for the other three hemispheres and the poles of the world map, and when I got to a part involving the question "Why are there no maple trees in Maplestory?" I answered that I will just make this little area behind Edelstein a maple forest, where the event map takes place. *BIG GASP* Then thoughts of the main antagonist that he was speculated to have lived near that location hundreds of years ago, and he was the "Transcendence of Light". So I made the forest his old sanctuary and the rest of the story wrote itself as I made the thread. That was how I made the north and south poles, as well.

Here is a second example:
This is the first (and only at the moment) character of a spin-off series from a Maplestory-themed movie series, Sovereign, by xPwahaha from youtube. The story is in the form of character biographies because - let's face it, I don't have the best literacy skills. I am still in high school. I was also really busy at the time and I had the biographies right there in front of me, so I just refined that and posted to the wiki. The story will become a thing for those interested Sovereign's plot to dig further towards the characters in my series, Seraph. The page I linked will be upgraded after each episode in Sovereign's season 2 is released, to act as a continuing force. There are planned four more character biographies, and each will have at least one animated picture and one novel-styled scene. I have the full plot for the first season developed, but I never had the motivation to continue, and am stuck between the thought of wanting to wait until xPwahaha releases her second episode of season 2.

Here is my third example:
This is my take on how a Second Great War between the Thalmor and the Empire would be like in The Elder Scrolls series. Please note that it is a biased story based on the dragonborn joining the Imperials in Skyrim. However, the story wouldn't be much different if the player joined the Stormcloaks. Also please note that it wasn't intended to be a fan fiction idea, as it was initially an idea for the next Elder Scrolls game. The story starts off in Hammerfell and immediately brings the hero to meeting kings across Tamriel at the start. The best thing about the story is that it opens up to three of the most out-of-reach outcomes to the story. The story opens to paths involving regions of the Empire breaking off into independent nations, three main war factions, and most of all; the question of what Tamriel would be like after the war. The story leads up to three different outcomes; A) The Thalmor finally fully governing Tamriel as they always intended to, B) Discontinue the Empire completely, allowing for all regions becoming independent nations, or C) The hero will become the next Tiber Septim (if you know what I mean)... and it all erupted from the freedom of Talos worship. There is but one plot hole and it outlines in the comments regarding airships.

Here is my portfolio (just a list of things I made):

That is what I can provide for now. If you like what you see (read) then I can add a little Firellight taste to the story of your game. I prefer a universe that is already developed, but it wouldn't matter too much.

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May 25 2013 Anchor

Any experience or interest in writing comedy for an attractive web comic?

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