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Aug 5 2012 Anchor

Simply put a game like Stranded II.
Just that basically put, here's a link to the site.

But here's the catch, I wouldn't mind seeing a more advanced version of this game! But has a form of multiplayer so that you can
survive the wilderness with them for as long as possible.
Its quite self explanatory really.

I would create this game myself but I don't have any knowledge in game development...

Also I should note that I've already seen the 2 popular ones on Moddb that are still in creation.

Aug 8 2012 Anchor

That's a great game BTW. But good luck trying to make a game with no game development knowledge.

I can help you to a point though. I created a game creation page full of game creation tools, but after that you are on your own. There's a lot of stuff there including places to go for game development tutorials (At the bottom) I suggest using one that doesn't need programming, but they can be limited. Making a 3D game like Stranded 2 from scratch though seems like a lot of work, especially for a beginner. Try to stick with 2D game development at least in the beginning, then you can go into the 3D work later on. Or it might be better to work with others to develop the game. (a collaboration)

(Game Creation Tools):

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Aug 8 2012 Anchor

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah I don't have much knowledge, I was going to attempt to create one in Game Maker but haven't had the time to do so...
Cheers for the site!

Aug 10 2012 Anchor

A survival game like Under the Ocean ?

Aug 10 2012 Anchor

Looks good! Might see the outcome off it (unless I can pull out some money)

Cheers for the link!

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