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Why the UDK games are sorted by names instead of last update ? (Forums : Suggestions : Why the UDK games are sorted by names instead of last update ?) Locked
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Oct 6 2012 Anchor

Hey, I often visit the UDK games :

And I can't understand why are they sorted by names instead of last update ? There is a game named 40 Stories that hasn't been updated since a year and which is always displayed top in the first page, while other games that are actives but have a name that start with letters down in the alphabet are always displayed in the last page. This is very stupid since a game just need to start with 0-9, A, B or C to have a maximum of views...

Can an admin fix this thing ?

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Oct 6 2012 Anchor click last updated, though i do agree that should be default sortmode

Oct 17 2012 Anchor

I think most people don't care about the sortmode and will just explore the list. This is so unfair, you just need to post a piece of garbage that start with 0-9 and you'll get displayed on the top of the first page forver :thumbdown:

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