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Oct 5 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone. I'm having a problem with Indie DB, and the problem is the f*cking troll/hate downvoters. Everytime I release the game, some haters pop up and start giving it the lowest ratings for no reason, probably without even playing it!

Most of the users who downvote my games are clearly fakes, judging by their empty accounts. Can you please ban those bastards, maybe ban their IP? I'm really sick of this. I'm working really hard on my games, and this just pissses me off, so I even had to shut down the rating system for some of my games.

The troll list:
His list of ratings -
At first I thought he has problems running the game, but he never respond to my messages. Clearly a troll/hater.
His list of ratings -
A fake.

Both guys from Canada, judging by their accounts. Makes me think that they're both the same person. Check their IP, just in case.

There was much more, but I asked mods to remove accounts earlier in spam thread. It's like an infistation.

EZeddy wrote:

Two fakes spamming on game ratings.

My game is attacked by troll spammers. Please help.

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Oct 5 2013 Anchor

I have played some of your games and most of your Duke 3D mods,so I know you are good at what you do in gaming.Good luck,and I hope they catch the trolls. :thumbup:


"sweet"  little old lady

Oct 6 2013 Anchor

Nope, they seem completely legit. You can safely ignore their ratings. The real life karma will catch up with them soon enough anyway. ;-)

Oct 6 2013 Anchor

The guy with the name Heilmytesticles is legit?

And the FritzOfTheSS guy keeps bashing each game I release, which makes me think that he created all these fakes. Or maybe he didn't, who knows. All I know, he's a troll and he won't leave me alone for some reason.

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Oct 6 2013 Anchor

Yea, he has a unique IP which usually means it's legit. Nothing can be done about that. Only spamming bad ratings/reviews via multiple accounts counts as site abuse.

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Oct 8 2013 Anchor

Just keep reporting them. Trust me if you spam the site,they won't ignore your request.. Try blocking them all also?

Oct 9 2013 Anchor

Judging by the names, it's probably just some peeps from 4chan who have nothing better to do with their spare time. How long has the problem persisted?

Oct 10 2013 Anchor

I think the whole rating system really needs to be looked at and overhauled. People can give reviews without commenting a single word, they don't have to own the game or have ever downloaded the mod to give them either. In the case of people selling their games this sort of trolling can have a real effect on sales even.

Also sometimes people will just not like the subject matter or a particular person involved in the game/mod and start a smart campaign of downvotes. It's really unfair.

Kyou. Mornin.
Oct 10 2013 Anchor

I remember we had a similar thread a little bit back discussing the current review system and the problems which are still persisting now. I tried to search for that thread but I can't find it. Then also not that long ago zetzub had the same problem with people disagreeing on a game he was working on so alot of 1 reviews were made. But anywho in that thread that I can't find people were posting about the same thing and suggestions were made to help move the rating/review system forward.

Restructuring the review system sounds like the best option but this is most likely not a high priority of the overall site.

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