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Why is putting an item_suit into a prop_dynamic a big no-no? (Forums : Level Design : Why is putting an item_suit into a prop_dynamic a big no-no? ) Locked
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Jun 29 2012 Anchor

So I want to recreate the HL2 sequence of taking the suit from the hevcase.

I made a prop_dynamic, made it the hev_case.mdl, and then tried to stick the item_suit in there.

It crashes the level. :(

I realize it could be because I need to actually insert a fake suit, and then swap it with a realone when the player triggers the fakesuit, but I cant be sure.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Okay so I figured it out. The suit should be towards the front of the model, preferably not clashing with any model geometry. Also, if you're here looking for how to get a highres version of the suit, try this:

Yeah, it's a 32x32 texture. Pretty weird, especially since the original, high-res version does exist in one of the HL2:Ep2 GCF files.

Use GCFScape to open source materials.gcf or source 2007 materials.gcf (both located in your Steam\steamapps folder). Go to root\hl2\materials\Models\HEVSuit to find hevsuit_sheet.vtf, the high-res version of the texture. Extract this to your Steam\steamapps\\half-life 2 episode two\ep2\materials\models\HEVSuit directory (create the folders if they don't exist). Files in the game directory will override the ones in the GCF files, so this should give the HEV Suit the right appearance.

If you're planning on releasing your map, you'll have to embed the texture in the BSP using Pakrat (otherwise, people playing your map will still see the low-res texture).

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ShiftedDesign Levels are my thing
Jun 30 2012 Anchor

check this:

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Jul 2 2012 Anchor

Solved it.

...Yeah, i've looked at it before, but it isnt completely helpful with what I'm trying to do.

I can spawn it into the world fine, but when I try to insert it into a model, it crashes the game.

Perhaps I just missed that a different model is necessary, and then a swap must occur. But I cant see anything on the wiki that would help me in this regard.

Forgive me if I'm blind, but would you mind quoting it?

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