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thudo GrandMeister
Dec 28 2011 Anchor

Hey everyone..

We have the most ambitious group of Warhammer 40k modders developing some serious content and need the following from the community:

1) Voice actors compromising of a basic generic accent (N. American), British, and others to voice-act many of the scripts we have already completed. These are VERY exciting projects to be apart of and will help increase your voice portfolio. We can arrange a quick audition in this regard.

2) Post-Processors to help clean and add special FX to raw voice takes as required. I have the tools and skills to do this but not the time so any help here would be immense!

Please step forward and apply -- we sincerely need your help!


DragonNOR Voice Actor
Dec 28 2011 Anchor

I can vouch for this project, the lines for the characters are well written and fun to work with :)


My VA Showreel:

My VA Website:

paul_graham_music freelance mod composer
Dec 29 2011 Anchor

i would be up for lending my vocal talents to your project. I am from the uk and have performed in many stage productions. I have revently played the beast in beauty and the beast (so if you need any gruff your man)

Many thanks

Paul Graham

p.s-I also write orchestral and title music, so if you need any tunes let me know.

Jan 3 2012 Anchor


Hi, my name is Chris, I would like to do the post-processing and adding special FX to the raw voices takes.

I am a sound designer and you can check out my work here at www(dot)chrisnealysound(dot)net

my email is


thudo GrandMeister
Jan 6 2012 Anchor

@DragonNOR - thanks for the vote of confidence. We're simply bogged down with lack of post-processors so I'll contact you Chris asap.

@Riots - Absolutely! I could give you some themes to work with ie. Space Marines tend to be more High Gothic, Choirs, Trumpeting whereas Imperial Guard are large orchestra, strings, like an impending march of unstoppable destruction, propaganda-like inspiring music. Chaos would be more sinister, dark, low baritones, eerie sounds..

Thanks for the community support!

M_W Sound Designer
Jan 11 2012 Anchor

How many editors are you looking for, exactly?

thudo GrandMeister
Jan 13 2012 Anchor

Right now we have a considerable amount of raw voice takes so we're overflowing right now. Every little bit helps. ;)

Thanks M_W!

Apr 21 2012 Anchor

Hello. I don't know if the job position is still available but I would like to audition if it is still open. I am a 26 year old male with experience in voice work. I have my own personal equipment. A sterling st55 microphone, pop filter, and sound dampening panel. I also have 4 years experience in audio recording and mastering.

Jun 28 2012 Anchor

Here is some of my auditions for other stuff

Jun 28 2012 Anchor

Id like to help with the sound FX. I have experience with that, lowering or raising vocal pitch, adding tonal delay (like transformers), making the voice wobbly or turning into a vocoder/robot sound, and adding eq-REVERB.

Check out my website with sounds, in my contact info.

Best regards

Jun 29 2012 Anchor

I would like to help! Could be my first voice acting job if you guys like me! Just made a soundcloud account with two clips in it. My account: Hope you like me! :)

Jun 30 2012 Anchor


I highly doubt this job is still going but I'd love to lend a hand. I've had a load of experience working in audio, particularly with vocal processing and I have completed several projects. I've also recently graduated with a BA in Music Production.

You can check out my demo reel here:

Hope I can still help out!

thudo GrandMeister
Aug 21 2012 Anchor

I'll send you a PM now.. soo sorry for the delay but once more thus board DOES NOT support auto-email notifications..

Everyone.. please email me @ with your auditions.. I am sorry for the delay not getting back to you all..

We need your help NOW!

Aug 21 2012 Anchor

I would love to voice act for this project send me a message at with info on lines

Aug 21 2012 Anchor

Hey, what's the mod called? I would like to check it out.

thudo GrandMeister
Aug 21 2012 Anchor

There are multiple projects on ModDB which will be using all the voices presented here but if you want a good idea of some of the screenies of what we're doing check HERE. Thats some of the work.. not all.

Aug 29 2012 Anchor

I can help with post-processing if you are still in need. Message me at

thudo GrandMeister
Sep 4 2012 Anchor

Thanks everyone... I'll correspond with you soon.

Nov 29 2012 Anchor

I would love to join if you still need VA's
Check out my demos at

thudo GrandMeister
Feb 14 2013 Anchor

Done! Sent you an email!

Mar 8 2013 Anchor

Hello! Hope I am not too late, but I would be available to offer my services for Post-Processor

Mar 19 2013 Anchor

Hey guys,

I'm very much up for this, check out this FMOD demo for a hypothetical warhammer tank I made a few days ago - vimeo[dot]com/61816805

It has voice acting in it, and if it helps I have a British voice accent. If you want to skip to the voice acting part, it is about 10 - 12 minutes into the video. I'm very much up for post-processing as well.

Mar 19 2013 Anchor


I just checked out your FMOD Designer project, really impressed! Would love to bounce ideas off you if you have time. Currently embarking on a project using FMOD Designer so I am currently learning it.

Again, really impressed.

Joe Gornall

thudo GrandMeister
Mar 28 2013 Anchor

@JGornall.. yes could use you asap as a Post-Processor. Right now, that job falls to me.
@Tidaltunes - we could use you VA talents.

Both of you please send an email to thudo @ rogers dot com and we'll discuss.

Apr 13 2013 Anchor

Is this project still looking for voice actors? I would be happy to record a demo if you still need the help.

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