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Apr 16 2013, 7:04am Anchor

How do you guys go about creating a or your own voice demo for gaming, a small time studio or ???


40,000 hamburgers to go please!

Apr 17 2013, 8:39am Anchor

If you have your own equipment.. home?

Apr 17 2013, 2:12pm Anchor

Just me & my computer...Back in the old days i used VHS & Cassettes to promote my self as an actor & voice for 18 years. I retired & stayed away from the entertainment industry for 19 years until i got re-involved as a pro wrestler, then retired again. I decided to make mods for a hobby. I understand that everything has gone digital - so is this something i could simply do at home & with what equipment if you dont mind me asking?


40,000 hamburgers to go please!

Apr 17 2013, 10:02pm Anchor

While a voice demo can be recorded from home, if you haven't recorded one before (or it's been awhile), I wouldn't recommend it. Setting aside technical issues, recording with a producer and an outside engineer will provide with guidance in copy, character and acting choices. You also won't have to worry about editing, adding music or mastering. This allows you to focus on being a voice actor over all the extra hats you'll end up wearing if you do it all yourself. You want to be able to sell yourself as a voice talent without having to apologize for the production.

Again, it's true you CAN do all this from a home studio. Find a decent condenser microphone. You can find some great XLR or USB mics for ~$300. You'll need an interface (CE's MicPort Pro is great if you go XLR) and a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Audacity is free and is both PC and Mac compatible. It should cover all your basic auditioning needs. Along with the basic utility needs (mic stand, pop screen, etc.) if you're spending more than $500 to start form scratch, you're getting ahead of yourself.

The most important piece of a home studio is your recording space. There are plenty of great resources online for learning about treating your home recording space and I recommend making use of them. A personal favorite is as it provides a side-by-side of amateur vs. pro.

Hope that helps :D

Jul 20 2013, 5:13pm Anchor

Don't have a ton of experience. But I need to add to my portfolio. Demo:

thudo GrandMeister
Jul 22 2013, 9:26pm Anchor

Thank you Montag! Email sent!

Jan 22 2014, 12:30pm Anchor

If you're still looking, here is my latest reel

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