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Feb 13 2014 Anchor

So I made a remixed track that I wanted to upload to Moddb, and proceed to do so. However, once uploaded and I play it, it is simply the original version of the remixed track! I made extra sure the right file as being uploaded, and still the same thing. If it helps, the display shows "0:00 out of 0:00" before I it play,which then gives it an actual length. Can someone help asap please? Thanks in advance!

May 7 2014 Anchor

hi there,
the media/audio upload thing is somehow buggy. had the same problem. just rename your remix file, so it has not the same name as the original version. somehow code is poorly written and checks for the same name like -> (if same name of file) { no need to refresh } which is total crack...

should work then. tell me if not...


The Guy from Eternal Eight Studios, Germany

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