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Jun 9 2014 Anchor

Ever since I first started gaming on my DS Lite (which back then, seemed to me like it was the epitome of all gaming technology) I have always wanted to make a game myself. Not literally all by myself, but with other like-minded people who had similar passions for gaming like I do. These thought never really came true though, I have made maps and used development kits, but never made anything that was really AMAZING (at least to my standards).

So to the point... and btw, my name is Noah and I'm 17 years old
I have this idea.. I'm looking for like-minded people who would like to make a game with me. I of course have these ideas of grandeur, but nonetheless I think its a good idea with some potential. I was thinking about using Unreal Engine 4 to make a story-based game. I already have a story in mind and have been busy writing it. I need anyone who has some ability that could contribute to the cause. You don't have to be a genius coder or an amazing artist; if you think you can help, you probably can! After all I need all the help I can get.

For more information and background on my idea, either reply to the post or message me. I would REALLY appreciate help, feedback, or anything that could help my idea take flight

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Jun 10 2014 Anchor

A good advice would be to share your idea or the basic concept of it before seeking for help and just saying "I have an Idea".

Jun 11 2014 Anchor

Mistergeorge wrote: A good advice would be to share your idea or the basic concept of it before seeking for help and just saying "I have an Idea".

I'm still in the process of writing the story and ideas down, but when I'm done with that I'll take your advice and do that.

Jun 16 2014 Anchor

I'm always looking for new and unique story-driven games. If you are able to come up with an interesting idea and find the people to help you with the programming and visual art, I would be very happy to contribute with the music production and sound design. :)

Jun 16 2014 Anchor

Some advice on constructing a recruitment post -
- Be decisive. When you say something - you mean it. It would make a good first impression and a right step in the direction of making people follow you. You're project lead, and that's important if you want others to work with you on YOUR idea rather than something of their own.
- Use positive sentences. You are the spirit of the team and if you're going negative, the project dies out. It's also a general good advice in any case. No, Not and Never aren't good words when trying to make people agree to something.
- Use cooperative rather than needy words. "With me" is a little better than "make my game" but try to go for more involving words like "together" "team" "joint effort" etc. Also, too many "I need"s.

You wrote a paragraph and then begin with "so to the point", like you already wasted time. Yes, your post needs to be informative at first glance, but if you have details which you think are important for people to know - make time for them, you'd know when it's too long. You also asked for anyone that thought they could contribute, but then went back and said they don't have to be amazing yada yada. That smells of indecisiveness. If anyone is unsure of their skill level they will contact you to clear things out, don't try to solve all the questions at once.

That being said, it's good that you're taking initiative and putting yourself out there, that's the only real way to learn and in time if you keep at it I'm sure you'd make great games.
Best of luck :)

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Jun 23 2014 Anchor

I've been busy writing and its taking shape :) when I'm done I'll send out the story to anyone whos interested. I'm going to a sports camp soon so that'll take up some time :/ but once I come back I'll put in the last bits.

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