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Apr 11 2013 Anchor

Hey everyone,

I'd like some other opinions on my companies first games genre/market.

We're creating a small mutlipalyer mini-game collection with fifteen game modes to chose from similar to those found on games from first to sixth generation games consoles.

The genre was very successful but in recent years if its multipalyer, local and small scale isn't really the focus and its a rarity on the PC.

We decided to bring a multiplayer party game collection to the PC using Steam Big Picture to give the PC game a more console like experience and recapture the couch! When we began there were no other games like it but since then Dollar Dash has come out and there is a plethora of shared screen/small scale multiplayer co-op games like Castle Crashers (and there upcoming adversarial game BattleBlock Theater) but few adversarial like Super Smash Bros or party games like Bomberman, Mario Party or Fusion Frenzy.

I'm wondering if the reason few games like this exist is because there is no real demand for them, or if its just an unexplored market on the PC (or my research has been terrible!). I figured with Big Picture there is a definite way in for a game like this and people still nostalgically and fondly reflect on time spent playing the games I gave as examples.

Our game currently looks like this to give you an early feel for it Mech Mania on IndieDB

Anyway, your opinions please!

Apr 12 2013 Anchor

what happened to all the posts in this thread? I could have sworn reading a handful of replies.

Did you delete your thread and repost it?

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Apr 12 2013 Anchor

Really? I have literally just logged back on today and my message center says the only reply is your one =/

Apr 12 2013 Anchor

Well then I must be smoking crack :X

I am quite sick right now and on medication so it's entirely possible I missed it.

In regards to your point. I fear that multiplayer is becoming more and more disconnected and driven online. That's a shame because the best times I've had were with my friends playing games in the same room.

Hopefully the Steambox will start to move the experience back into the tv room.

Also check out Samurai Gunn. That sounds like the type of game you are describing.

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Apr 12 2013 Anchor

Oh dear! Hope you recover soon then.

Same for me, I really loved playing multiplayer with my friends and today I still dig out my old consoles regularly just to play those games again. I hope the Steam Box, Ouya and Big Picture revive that kind of game play!

I had a look at Samurai Gunn, there website is pretty cool! The game is similar except that the one we're working on is 3D.

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