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Manio31 Some Canadian
May 2 2012 Anchor

Concept: Ultimate Pony Massacre (UPM) is going to be
a full conversion, multiplayer mod for Source Engine where players take
the role of anthropomorphic ponies who are armed to the teeth with a
variety of weapons. The game will be full of chaos, carnage and hilarity
which would hopefully bring something fresh and new to the competitive
FPS genre. Most maps would be "cute", "psychadelic" and sometimes just
down right evil. Also, not all weapons in the game will be your standard
fire-arms. This game is built on being hilarious, and over-the-top.
These ponies aren't your everyday, cute ponies. These ponies have
attitude, and they won't stop until all the other ponies are completely
wiped out. Some plans below for the initial release/alpha release of


- Beretta M9: Would be the primary weapon each
Pony would start with, and would have the same stats as the handgun
from HL2DM already has, but just with the look and aesthetics of an M9.
Ponies could find more weapons around the maps.
- Pump Action Shotgun: This would be your
typical pump-action shotgun. Capable of blowing enemies to pieces at
close range, and doing some devastating damage up close. Pretty much
useless at long range.
- Barret .50cal: The sniper/ultimate long
range weapon of UPM. The Barret .50cal would be capable of taking the
head clean off of an enemy from a mile away. It has a little issue with
recoil, but if you can hit your target you're guaranteed to put them
- The Crapinator: These Ponies are
mischievous, yet have the strangest ideas ever. The Crapinator is a
modified RPG that now launches toilets. It's an extremely dangerous
weapon. How wouldn't a toilet be lethal when traveling at terminal
- The Incinerator: Your typical, everyday
water-gun turned into a Flamethrower. This weapon is incredibly
dangerous, and the fire can stick to surfaces. Keep away if you see a
pony carrying this bad-boy.
- Slice N Dicer: The Slice N Dicer is an
evil piece of weaponry. Whomever crafted this decided putting two
chainsaws on opposite ends of a 2x4 was a good idea. This weapon is the
slowest of all melee weapons to use, but can cut through ponies like a
knife through butter.
More weapon ideas to come, also taking weapon suggestions/ideas...

Game Types/ Variants

Free-For-All: Your standard Free-For-All deathmatch game. Whomever has the most points when the time-limit ends wins the match.
Team Deathmatch: Same as Free-For-All but whichever teams holds the most kills by the end wins the match.
Last Pony Standing: (After Release) Would
be a free-for-all game-type where everyone has one life, and the last
Pony alive would win the match. Should be fairly easy to develop, but I
want to sink as much work into the standard multiplayer first as I can.
Hay Is For Horses: (After Release) This
would be similar to 'Capture The Flag' variants in most FPS games but
this variant would require the Ponies to steal the others teams bundles
of hay, and bring them back to their base to score. Whichever team has
the most scores in 10 minutes wins.
More game variants to come, taking suggestions as well.

Positions Needed

- 3D Character Artists: To help model some
of the Pony characters in-game. You will be given free reign on the
designs to produce whatever you feel would suit the theme of the game.
Remember, the ponies should at-least look like they belong in evil, and
ridiculous environments.
- Voice Actor/Sound Artists: To help record
audio, and sound for the game. We would be looking for someone who
could do the voice-overs for the Pony characters as well as sounds for
weapons, etc. Composers would fall into this position as well.
- Mappers/Level Design: I won't be able to
design all the levels myself, and this is where you would come in to
help develop the 5 maps that we plan for the initial release of Ultimate
Pony Massacre. The first map is currently being designed by myself, and
has a long way to go. Any help would be greatly appreciated for the
other 4 maps. I'll also be giving free reign on these projects, but
please remember the theme of the game.
- Prop/Weapon Artist: Your job would be to
help design the weapons, and props that would be seen in game. This
would range from the weapons in this post, to crazy, Tim Burton fantasy
based objects in the environment.
- Environment Artist: Your job would be
simple, to design the crazy, gothic, Tim Burton themed environments that
you'd see in-game. This would range from odd looking trees, to rocks
with faces. Everything you design will have free reign, and allow your
creative juices to flow.
- Concept Artist: Your job would be to draw characters, levels, etc to help the 3D artists bring them to life.

If you're interested in being part of the team, please email me at
with your name, and some of your work. If you can't reach me via email,
and would prefer to message me via ModDb feel free to just private
message me.

Current Team

Justin "Manio31" Ross - Mapper, Programmer, Public Relations

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