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Jan 31 2013 Anchor

Hey guys ive been thinking for a long time to start making a hack en slash game and after playing dmc devil may cry it made me tick to start to do so but im having afew problems with the controls... Udk dosent have all the conttols so i found in udn about how add new ones but i dont exacly know where to place the codes e.g. I know that i need to place them in files like pawn.uc but where in that file???

Feb 2 2013 Anchor

You'll need a lot of programming experience to modify the default framework into a hack and slash game, I'd personally suggest using a simpler engine for your first Hack and Slash Project. The unreal engine is generally designed for large teams so it's very bloated and time consuming to work with, it also has very little user support/documentation on the Uscript programming language making it an especially hard choice of language to learn as a first. The main advantage unreal would have is that the scripting language is structured heavily around the use of states.

As a first programming language your best learning a language with lots of documentation users and support such as C++, C# and Javascript.

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