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Aug 1 2013 Anchor

I had this comment posted today.

Someone wrote: so how do you get the game

I thought, Ok, Someone just is not looking hard enough. So I decide to try it out myself and write down the full process as reply.

"Click the downloads tab under the large 'Worldcrafter' text at the top of the webpage. Click 'Worldcrafter Client' and then find the red 'Download now' button. Then click the 'Click to begin download' text at the top of the popup. Then click 'Download now' image on the page that appears... "

So I am wondering, Is it really needed to have 3 different 'Download now' buttons in a row before you can actually get the download to start?
I know you might want to insert an ad in there, But then I don't see why 2 wouldn't suffice.

And also this comment

Someone wrote: hey dude can u upload it on anther server than gamefront it's not working with me thx

Makes me think the first commenter is not the only person having problems with the long series of hoops there browser must jump through to get the file.

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Aug 1 2013 Anchor

Agreed it really pisses me off


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Aug 16 2013 Anchor

What turns many people off is the 5 mins download wait, after which they often get the same message again. I experienced it myself, too.

Aug 18 2013 Anchor

We got a few comments about that with GBDNATE, same with key activation being hidden in the logo which isn't immediatedly clear is a button.

Desura is a damn good interface, but there a few things that could be improved.

Sep 25 2013 Anchor

Is it allowed to post links in your game description to your own websites download page? or to the downloads directly? I would assume linking to the download page would be OK as it would be rather clear those are not IndieDB downloads and are not protected by IndieDB virus scans/etc, Not so sure about direct to the installers however.

TKAzA Community Manager
Sep 26 2013 Anchor

I don't know what the 5 minute wait is regarding, servers may be full in your region, it also depends were the download is hosted.
If you was to link the download directly, you wouldn't get stats for your downloads, nor would people have the chance to see comments relating to the download, so that part is required.

Could you provide ideas for how you think the system could be improved.

Sep 26 2013 Anchor

Hm, It appears the download process HAS been changed. I just tried it now and the first 'Download now' button opens an ad AND actually starts the download without having to click any further 'download now' buttons. (If you don't have 'auto start downloads' it also has a link at the top of the ad that when clicked opens a normal file download)

Thank you for this improvement! This is pretty much exactly what I wanted.

I don't care too much about the download stats and rarely do my downloads get comments. It was just users where complaining the process was long winded and was not always working. More steps and scripts means means more chances for noscript/etc plugins to prevent it from working.

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