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__MaX__ Cool Modder
May 11 2013 Anchor

I guys !

I know that there are some great composers in this community, and some as old as me (but not that old :])

So i wanted to share with you a project we launched a few days ago. It's a tribute to X-Files for its 20th anniversary and is open to any composer who wants to commemorate this great show.

Any genre is accepted as long as the song / track is high quality. It means that if the track has too much noise / hiss, or is over-saturated or has a volume way too low ; it's going to be rejected. There is no subjective judgment of the song, we just want to release a high quality tribute.

The album will be released September 10. And we want to gather as much musicians as we can. So if you're not interested, you can still spread the word :)

You can find more information on the website :

(PS : as usual sorry for my frenglish)

May 12 2013 Anchor

So when they showed the X-Files in France, was it subtitled or dubbed?


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