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Apr 19 2014 Anchor


I am James(Myhijim) and my team and I am looking to put a team together, for a story driven sci-fi game that really hits the player on an emotional level.

Mainly, my job involves C# programming (With 3 years experience), however, I also take on other jobs of team leading and public relations aswell as storywriting.

Concept Overview
Choose from the viewpoint of 3 different races exploring the galaxy and interacting with the various different planets and their inhabitants in a First-Person, free-roaming, spaceship fighting, traumatising game. Build connections with new members of your crew, keep them alive through choices that you make, build professional relations or more personal ones. Attract companions from the darker side of space as you raid and pillage or from the legitimate heroes as you save and make the galaxy a better place. You decisions determine your play through, and it doesn't converge back to one ending, your choices make all the difference.

Your character is a clone. However cloning is currently illegal galaxy-wide and major groups and species are pushing for it's legalization in the Galactic Congress for cheaper and more durable labour. The cloning process itself is an easy matter. But the process leaves the brain in a not fully formed state, a perfect solution for unintelligent, durable labour, but due to the rapid generation enzymes that are used to grow the clone within a matter of days, it comes with an extremely short natural life span. This is not due to a physical defect, instead a mental defect, where the brain believes the body is older than it is, simply shutting itself down. A clone just born will survive for a maximum of 6 months naturally.

Radical pro-cloning groups ruthlessly have begun bizarre and horrific research in order to improve not only the lifespan of the clones, but genetically enhance their traits through neural implants. You are one of their more successful experiments, with no prior memories or recollections.

Fight using futuristic guns and weapons, including implant powers to turn the tide of battle. Fight alongside your loyal companions to take down those hunting for you. Fight in space, fight on ground.

Fight for answers.

Current Team Skill set
This is the skill-set of the team, not the members, as some members possess multiple skills.

  • 3 Writers
  • 2 Video Editors/Audio Editors
  • 1 Public Relations
  • 1 GUI Artist
  • 1 Concept Artist
  • 1 Programmer
  • 1 Modeller
  • 1 Composer

Overall there are currently 6 members on the team.

Team Members Required

Animator (2 Positions)
A large majority of the game will be using animations, whether it be in-game or in cutscenes. We require 2 talented Animators with the ability to rig and animate models to a realistic level for BOTH ingame and cut scenes.

The rigs/animations need to be modular to different facial structures and body compositions(although most of the non-human figures will be of a humanoid shape). They will also need to accommodate a few different aspects of 'armour' on these characters.

In summary :

  • Ability to rig humanoid and non-humanoid figures.
  • Ability to animate humanoid and non-humanoid figures.
  • Even basic Motion capture is a huge plus.
  • Animations must be re-usable on different characters
  • Reasonable workflow skills taking models from modellers and then making them game ready.
  • Must be an active member, animation is possibly the largest part of this game.

Modeller(1 Position)
We require a high quality character modeller who is willing to put a lot of work and dedication into make the characters ingame as realistic and detailed as possible. These models will need to be rig and animation ready and need to be created as a medium range polygon model and then sculpted and normal mapped.

The character modeller must be able to not only do humanoid figures but also various 'monster' types off the concepts that are given to them. The majority of the job will be creating the interactive aliens and humans aswell as the various pieces of equipment that they posess. Also, if necessary (or if wanted by the modeller) you may have to work on models of weapons and other equipment used in game.

In summary:

  • Ability to model close to realistic characters of human, and alien appearance.
  • Ability to model non-humanoid alienlike characters.
  • Ability to be conservative with polygon use.
  • Must be able to normal map and sculpt.
  • Must be an active member, characters are possibly the largest segment of this game.

Previous Team Member Work

Now we wouldn't expect you to just jump onboard with us because we say so and say things preposterous such as "Best Idea For A Game", in fact, we are unsure if this will make it out of development stage, but we know for a fact we can enjoy ourselves making it, and may be able to make something of it with the right amount of dedication and teamwork. So following is examples of previous work of current team members :

Inventory System

(Old) Voxel Based Game

Voxel Tutorials

Public Relations Skills

Mak(3D Modeller)


Winter Story




So if you are a modeller or animator who enjoys designing anything sci-fi, feel free to send me an email at :

If you are going to email me, please include examples of your work so that we may make an effective judgement. Requests without samples will be ignored.


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