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Jul 26 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone!

I am a commercial and independent film sound designer with originally recorded and synthesized sound effects available for cheap or free, depending on the size, scope and timeline of the project. I also have experience implementing in the Unreal Engine, but my forte is creating original sounds, ambiences, and effects. Thanks for reading and please feel free to message me if you are in need of effects, or would like to hear samples. Thanks!
P.S. You can hear a few examples on my new soundcloud and blog dedicated to field recording but I cannot post commercially used samples there.

Aug 1 2013 Anchor

Sounds pretty good. How would you do a clash of blades with a crackle of energy from one of them?
My game has a main character who uses a Psionic energy blade rather than a physical one.

Aug 16 2013 Anchor

Well, there is probably about a million ways to approach something like this, and it depends on the direction you would like to take it and the theme of the game. If you send me a PM I would be happy to advise you.

Sep 12 2013 Anchor

hey we need a sound designer for our game jurassic park operations as long as you can keep it JPish !
check us out on FB

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