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Aug 1 2012 Anchor

Hello everyone,

just a small bit: As I was just happily browsing away on this site, I noticed something odd.
I went to the overall games list (showing 319 games, of which 261 are released). Next, I proceeded to sort the games by rating, on my quest to find the highest ranked one. I assume that the list now contained only games which have a rating at all, which reflects accurately in the number of overall games, now beeing 223. Oddly enough, the number of released games stayed the same, 261, rendering the amount of unreleased games to a remarkable -38. I took the liberty of attaching a screenshot of the mysterious page.

Just in case this is important; I am on a 64bit linux, and thereby only browsing linux64 games.

Now, while this certainly is not a serious issue, I wanted to let you know. Hopefully, this is the right place to do so :o)


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Aug 3 2012 Anchor

That's right it's nothing serious, worth noting though.

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