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Jun 26 2013 Anchor

hey guys my name is Daven and im looking to create a studio/team.

My skills lie in programming, lately I have been using java the most, but I also know C#, javascript, and I'm learning the c+ syntax at the moment.
I can pick up any other programming language in a day or two, but then again who can't? provided they know the basics of logic and programming.

I currently have one game out on the play store called "Survive The Flies" it was meant as a "get my feet wet" kind of project, so please don't be to harsh on me.

I have a sort of a draconian philosophy for the studio...Unlike some or many of you I don't have the financial means to spend 6+ months on an awesome and innovative game, plus I believe for an indie studio to truly have that freedom and creativity that everyone talks about is to have a foundation under them which will allow the team to keep there heads on the cool games they're creating, as opposed to thinking whether the game they've been working on for months will bring in any money. Now, this does not mean we will focus on creating "dumb" games we can certainly do cool things, but with a well thought out plan which will prepare us to finish the game in an efficient way.

To achieve this I have been customizing the LIGBDX engine so the development of menu's, google services, animations and creating the overall ground work for a commercial game is as fast as possible.

So if the thought of "free to play" or any thing else I have said so far does not disgust you, shoot me and email at:
I am currently just looking for a couple 2d artists/animators. (If your more skilled than I am at art one hour of your time every other day should be enough for quite a few art assets, so im not asking for your whole day here)
But, if you are a skilled programmer and this really interests you email me.

Jul 3 2013 Anchor

I sent you a mail :)

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