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senntenial leiks to maep
Dec 29 2012 Anchor

Hey! My name is Alexander (Under the alias of Senntenial.) I make music, and I'm 16 years old. But before you turn your nose after reading my age, give my compositions a listen - I'm sure you'll find they rival the quality of many older composers here.

I do hard and fast orchestral compositions (0:00)
Softer melodic movie-esque tracks (0:18)=
Ambient tracks (2:07)
and Sound design (3:26 *these get loud and scary, careful)

If you're interested in me, either send me a PM or contact me through

This service CAN be free, but if you do not have any payment to offer I may refuse your offer. Basically, if you have a really sweet game going on but no budget, or a larger indie studio with some money to throw around, I'm your guy.
Being said, what I've been charging through commissions is but a small fraction of the price it would cost for someone of similar quality.

wrote: I personally guarantee the quality of Senntenial's work, each song is crafted with an intricate skill that earns him my personal recommendation.

Just some information about myself -
-I've been playing classical piano for 10+ years
-I use Komplete 8 Audio, FL Studio (it's only a nooby DAW if noobs use it!), and Albion I Orchestral Library from Spitfire. EVERYTHING I own is completely legal and paid for.
-I also am a modeller and mapper for the mod Fall of Saigon
-I really would love to work on a horror game some day

Thank you for reading! Again, contact is either PM through ModDB or my website @

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