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Jun 13 2013 Anchor

Hi guys, I am just getting into the game development scene. I have been programming for a while, but development is a lot more complicated than I imagined. With my current project I am the only programmer so I am having to teach myself everything about development via the internet. I thought I'd post here and see if anyone would be willing to exchange skypes or something with me and show me a few things/help me out when I am stuck with something.


Jun 14 2013 Anchor

Why dont you join someone to form a team so you dont need to learn that stuff.

Jul 3 2013 Anchor

Sorry I'm no help, I'm looking for a programmer myself who knows Unity to work on my project.
But anyway, good luck and I hope you find a mentor soon! ^_^

Jul 6 2013 Anchor

If you have no luck here you could always try /r/GameDev or r/Unity on Reddit. They are both very active with plenty of folks willing to offer advice.

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