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Nov 11 2012 Anchor

Hello friends,

I am an experienced artist who uses Unity, photoshop flash , maya, zbrush, and more every day at my day job to make iOS games. I am interested in building my own game on the side with 1-2 others, this will be an Android / desktop game.

I have a few game designs nailed down, and have been doing some prototypes and tests. I won't divulge too much on those as they are not set in stone, a fellow team member can very much influence the direction an initial game goes.

To get to the point, looking for:

Deep understanding of C#
Unity experience preferred but not required (I have a ton of tutorials, the programmer I work with at work learned Unity within a week)
Android development preferred (Eclipse IDE, test devices at home, etc)
Feedback of art (you do not have to be an artist, but a "that's cool" or "that isn't cool" is suffice.)

2D art, animations, sprites, effects, backgrounds
GUI design / implementation
testing / feedback of code

I have a galaxy S3 and XOOM tablet for testing.

a few stretch goals:
Monetize with tapjoy
Cloud save support
Achievments using a system like openfeint, swarm, etc - whatevers popular these days
More games!

Nov 12 2012 Anchor

Need a composer or sound designer?
If so, you can check some of my work at
It's a wide selection of styles for projects I've worked on.

Nov 12 2012 Anchor

Pete, at this time I will decline. Thanks :)

Nov 13 2012 Anchor

Fair enough dude! Good luck with the game :)

Nov 14 2012 Anchor

I'd just like to clarify - I am 'almost' exclusively looking for a C# coder - if you have other skills: art, unity, game design, I'd LOVE to hear from you, but right now my main interest is finding that coder.

To update, today I implemented:
finished finger tracking, now tracks finger accordingly
added laser fire
working on enemy strafe + collider / enemy removal on collision.

Nov 14 2012 Anchor

Very nice.Hope all the luck favor you!::)

Nov 15 2012 Anchor

thank you resumetips

Update #2:
Started a crowd sourcing goal (less then $1500, for software licenses), and 13% the way there in one day!

Nov 26 2012 Anchor

Hello, I have 4 years of experience with Unity3D. But I only use C# as my language. I'm also .NET programmer and I'm looking for some job to make an Android Game. Email me so we can talk better.

Dec 5 2012 Anchor

I do have a couple of months of unity experience. unfortunately I don't have any prototypes to show yet. If i'm not needed i understand and good luck :D

Dec 16 2012 Anchor


I'm looking for another coder to help

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