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Sep 4 2012 Anchor

I've been working on a project for modding CS 1.6 and so far so good... i have 5 options to choose from T's and CT's skins and improved the GUI to CS source look alike. however im stuck at one last step. I need a female player model on each side i have claire redfield from resident evil 4 on T side and it just fits. however i need this figure modeled for CT need help of .mdl file creator... this particular character is in game called 'OMINUSHA 3' something i need it modeled for CS 1.6... message me if u have any ideas

Sep 6 2012 Anchor

so you are using
claire redfield from re4, you know ur breaking copyright patents of capcom...

Sep 9 2012 Anchor

OMG! file was present already there on the internet... :| and people have been doing lots of stuff with cs 1.6 (there are around variety of mods and stuff). its just for educational purpose, ya know. for old times sake... check this link for claire redfield .mdl file at aogamers. i cant post links cause this site is saying im not active member. :\

and lastly please be helpful, dont complain man...

Sep 12 2012 Anchor

Back when i played with modding Quake , HL and related games i used a editor called Milkshape 3d ... or similar - It was of pretty easy use after some short tutorials. Maybe this may help you at least finding some direction - it's been about 10 years since then ;)

Sep 12 2012 Anchor

even if i do get the hang of 3d designing and all, i dont know if ill be good at character designing... and for an expert character designer whos already worked for designing skins for cs i know for sure this is like a 2 hour job which he/she will enjoy... im just looking for someone who's got too much time on their hands. at least provide me a basic skeleton of above character that has animations like claire character... at latleast that'll be a start

Sep 12 2012 Anchor

Sadly i don't have any spare time for some weeks - anyway i think that you should calculate a day at least for a proper character model + rigging and animation ... try to add a threat to the recruiting forum. There are some people who are looking for modding and dev-teams to gain experience - according to what you're looking for (quality wise) this could get you some good teammate...

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