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zekio309 Student
Jun 9 2013 Anchor

So my post is generally a question to the IndieDB community and all its affiliates;

do you think a cartoon/stylized version of a monster hunter - esque game (under a new name and different visuals/items) for PC would be fun and interesting?

My main reason for bringing this to the public is personally I enjoy the series and the game has quite a few mechanics that I think work great for single player and Multiplayer capabilities:

  • Quest Based system (having a specific goal that you have a timeframe to achieve)
  • Smart/Realistic creatures (the boss monsters in the series each have specific weakpoints and programmed attitudes/habits)
  • Single Player and Multiplayer stories (they may not be enveloping stories but they are seperate from each other)
  • Tons of replayability (with the MMO style of rare carves/drops and the multitude of weapons you can easily sink 50+ hours into it)

However it is lacking in one field I believe; Connectivity. There is the ability to do local play and if you have the ps3 you can go through ad hoc party but I feel that the market to play with friends needs to finally be broadened to the PC.I am aware that there was Monster Hunter Frontier as well as Monster Hunter Online (which will be entering beta in July) however these have mainly and primarily been aimed at Asia as opposed to some of the die hard fans in the United States and other respective Countries.

so seeings how this is a site that brings together people who like to create games I'm thinking why not make a game similar? It would not be labeled as monster hunter or use the names/monsters/or graphics but it would be very identical (perhaps a mechanic or two that are new).

This is an idea I figured I would run by the community and see what other people thought. If you have opinions and or would like to discuss this feel free to contact me and or respond to the post =).

naret code monkey
Jun 11 2013 Anchor

yes, if you make a game as good as monster hunter, even cartoon style would not do a harm. Monster hunter isn't looking realistic either, just a different kind of unrealistic.
so just go ahead, create it. a mmo version wouldn't be bad.

Jun 11 2013 Anchor

PErsonally I prefer monster hunter on a portable system because I can do a mission on the train or bus.

zekio309 Student
Jun 16 2013 Anchor

So it is plausible lol. I was just curious to see what the community would think of the idea and I appreciate your inputs (naret and ShinobiNFC).

I'm thinking if it is plausible to make it good on PC it might then be ported to console or handhelds.

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