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Jul 29 2014 Anchor

Hi, I'm Alessandro, I live in Italy.
I'm Looking for team members to develop a 2D sci-Fi shooter game that I started developing with another team that broke up because of other team members problems. I mainly need Spriters and Programmers but also a Sound Engineer. The game will be free so it's not a paid job!!!
If you want more informations send an e-mail to

Kind of Game: 2D Sci-Fi Shooter
Needed: Spriters, Programmers, Sound Engineers
Where?: Everywhere
Requirements: Speak (at least write in)english or italian.

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Jul 29 2014 Anchor

As everyone one knows gamespy shutdown for swrc but theres still hope im hosting 24-7 on gameranger what is gameranger its a program to let you play all the games that run on gamespy also swrc ill be hosting on gameranger

make a username
look for starwars republic commando on the list
than you should see ctf instagib2014 sniper only

im hosting sniper only for this game to start off with more updates will come addons and such

Aug 4 2014 Anchor

This game sounds interesting.

Care to give any more information? Like what engine is it using? What has currently been done? What language are you using for this game?

I might be able to make a decision from that information. But I also want to know why is going to be a free game? It sounds like a game that could make money. Is this like some sort of a prototype? Or is a game that's more like a F2P sort of deal?

A lot of questions, but I am interested, so let me know. By the way, my name is Paul. Nice to meet you.

Aug 17 2014 Anchor

I'm a programmer myself and might be interested.

However I usually want to see some art when taking on free project, as I need to LIKE what I see before committing myself.

So if you can manage to find an artist and produce some art, contact me.

* I can also communicate in Italian

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