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Jun 20 2013 Anchor

Before I go on, I must state that this is intended to be a small indie title created under the lovely tech of Unity3D. This thread has been created because it has become clear that handling the workload alone can easily cause problems with quality and speed.

We are looking towards creating a fairly small Turn Based Strategy with expansion potential, entitled Red Militia. This is set within an apocalyptic type setting, much in the ideas of Fallout, but with more vibrancy to the environment. As factions begin to rise and fight for power, the player must take control of a faction and fight for their own survival and eventual dominance.

The specifics of each post are describe below, feel free to PM or reply with any questions you may have about any posts.

Programmer. C# or JavaScript, working within Unity Scripting, preferably the former.

Musician. Darker, more Action-like, but someone that is willing to experiment sounds ideal.

World Creator. This would require some know-how about how TBS scenarios work and how the landscape can be sculpted to suit gameplay.

Leader / Planner. This one however isn't a position of it's own, it is combined within one of the other 3, and would be ideal more than anything.

INTERESTED? Contact me at, PM me over on this site, or leave a reply.

We are very new to doing this, so don't expect us to know everything, or be spectacular. Johnny however is a fairly experienced artist. Read on below.

Colin Berry - Myself - Currently I handle everything within the programming side of things, I'm much more at home with logic and maths, not so much with object creation and rendering. Which is partly why I'm posting this topic.

Johnny Nyberg - The Artist - Somebody I met via the net a year back, and someone I know I can trust, this man can draw some of the most amazing things and currently handles alot to do with the theme, setting and direction. For a lesser example of his work, I direct you to

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Oct 22 2013 Anchor

hmm. This can be in 2d, right?

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