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Aug 30 2013 Anchor

Hi there! My name's MeaningfulPlatypus. My friend and I are currently setting things up for a crossover fangame project we're making. One of the playable characters is Yoshi from Super Mario Bros, but we haven't found any suitable sprites of the character to use, except for Yoshi's Story. There's two problems with this however:

1. His sprites from Yoshi's Story, being a pre-rendered 3d model, would clash with most of the 2D art we're using for the game, so the YS sprites would have to be 2D-ized, with black outlines and such.

2. While Yoshi's graphics have been ripped from Yoshi's Story, he is actually built up of six sprites (head, body, two arms, two legs), and to my knowledge no one has attempted to assemble these pieces together for his frames, due to how utterly expressive and animated the character is in this particular game:

Here's the rather large sprite sheet of him

My friend and I would prefer to dedicate most of our time doing programming/engine/storyline work on the project right now, thus we would appreciate someone who could temporarily team up with us and either 2D-ize Yoshi's sprites as I described above, or outright make custom sprites using the Yoshi's Story sprites for reference.

We won't be able to pay you anything unfortunately, but it could make for good practice, and you'll be listed in the credits screen and such. I can show you my attempt at the sprites to give you an idea/base of how we want Yoshi to look in this game:

If you're interested, shoot me a personal message on here and I can give a more in-depth explanation on what's needed. Thanks for your time!

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