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May 8 2013 Anchor

I'm making a 2d first person dungeon crawler set in a fantasy world. It's based on exploration and has turn based battle system (all in first person). Character customization is all based on skills, with a large variety of skill trees. There will be both indoor and outdoor dungeons. The development is at a good point, I did the exploration, the battles, the character, the town screen with merchants, but the game needs all the graphics.I'm using SDL, so it's compatible with both Linux, Mac and Windows, and later I'd like to port it to vita, if possible. Now I can dedicate about 1-2 hour per day to the game, from next month I'll start working all day. I can't guarantee anything about money, but I'm hoping to sell it.I need 2d pixel artists to make the monsters, skills animations, items, backgrounds, textures (walls and floors) and the GUI. If you're interested please PM me or send an email to

Feb 5 2014 Anchor

a dungeon crawler - more like EOB or Wizardry? If the latter, sign me up!! :)

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