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Ambient_Malice More passion than good sense.
Nov 15 2012 Anchor

So... I've sunk 25 hours into Dragon Age 2, haven't touched the DLC yet, and think we should have a bit of discussion about the things wrong with the game; the things we as modders could do if Bioware hadn't decided to screw the modding community over.

DA2's map design is dismal, recycled, and stealth is useless because every area is a corridor. The game is padded out with needless fighting; made worse by the way enemies spawn from nowhere to replace the ones you just killed.

"Oh, no! They ran into this warehouse which looks exactly the same as every other warehouse in Kirkwall! Then they escaped into the tunnels, which are identical to every other set of tunnels! Quick, confront them, then discover every dialogue option leads to a fight which you can't avoid."

The relationship system is annoying. The game makes forming meaningful platonic relationships difficult.

"My puppy died."

That's sad - NICE
Could be worse - SARCASTIC
Lemme give you a hug - HEART

In Dragon Age 2, any attempt to be sweet or consoling is automatically interpreted as I WANT IN YOUR PANTS.

Other things which annoyed me included:

You can't switch party members without returning to Kirkwall or finding a marker. This is made worse by the lack of any sort of fast-travel, KOTOR style. (Basically, a super-sprint button.)

The butt-ugly generic NPCs.

Loot is inefficent. What's the point of letting the player open a crate, then take the money or potion inside, when it would be more logical to simply give the player the generic contents? For that matter, the fact generic loot items take up inventory space is annoying. Sidequest items appear identical to generic loot only useful for selling to vendors. So you wind up picking up crap you don't need because you don't want to miss an important trinket.

So yea... I'm not looking to bash EA or Bioware. I just wanna talk about the problems DA2 has, and your feeling about not being able to mod the game.

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