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Dec 10 2013 Anchor



Ive created (and am still creating) an HTML5 RTS Game, called "Littlewargame" (you can play without registering or downloading or anything)

The game is written in Javascript / HTML5, has a medieval / fantasy setting and working multiplayer.

This is my first html5 project and the game is still beta, but its playble.

Right now this is the moment where i put it "out there" for the first time and id love to hear some feedback, to see if this is the right direction im going.

The game itself is a pretty simple but smooth-feeling multiplayer RTS. The overall theme is a little WarCraft like. I figured there are not really too much up & running good HTML5 multiplayer rts games, so i decided to start this one. Its also easy to access and easy to understand, but of course comes with the natural complexity of any RTS game.


edit: some screenshots:





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TKAzA Community Manager
Dec 11 2013 Anchor

I really enjoyed the game, might be good to also allow you to see the characters behind buildings.
also be nice if the men could go into the watch tower, like in settlers, how you can garrison your troops
please add your game to our listings, id love to keep track of your updates.

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Dec 11 2013 Anchor

added to the list.
Thx for your feedback. Ill keep the helth bars on top i guess so players can see unit behind buildings.

Dec 17 2013 Anchor

That looks really cool. I'll play it a bit when I get home from work.

How did you find working in HTML5?

Dec 17 2013 Anchor

You pretty much code it all in JS. You use HTML5 only to draw stuff, which works fine overall.

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