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Jan 12 2012 Anchor

Greeting ModDB-ers!

My name is Karl and I am here as part of Rekindle Games a small indie dev team looking to bring a few more folks into the fold.
We are based out of Seattle, WA and if possible(but not needed) looking for team members we can meet with.

Our current project is based in Unity, however we were invited into a beta for a Sony Development kit(for Playstation Phones
and Playstation Vita) As such we are hoping to expand our options and push our project into this new SDK as well as continue
what we have done on the Unity side.

Right now we consist of a few folks with experience in Audio, Art(2D/3D), Design, as well as Coding). What we are looking for
are a little bit of everything, artists, UI, Coding, and Audio. With the advent of the Sony SDK we want to push forward and
really drive our ideas forward.

At this time, all work will be unpaid. We are working towards a Kickstarter pitch to bring some revenue into the fold, so that
we can 'feed the starving artists' who join up on our team. End the end we want to build a solid team that can come together
and push out some great ideas!

Any questions about our project and recruitment inquiries can be sent to:

~Thanks for the time, hope to hear from folks!

Rekindle Games

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Jan 12 2012 Anchor

You could show us your previous projects so we know what kind of games you guys make.
Also a link to your companies website wouldn't hurt. But I see you're using gmail...



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Jan 13 2012 Anchor

We are a new team as far as what we are doing /now/ while a couple of our members have worked with Flying Lab Software(Pirates of the Burning Seas, Bakugan Dimensions, and several unreleased titles) the team as a whole is a fresh combination. A sample of our most recent addition to the team can be seen at .

As far as our current project we are looking to make a story driven, genre cross between Action and Horror. Here are a couple early concepts for the current project.

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

I sent an email your way. Quite interested in what you guys are up to!


Jan 20 2012 Anchor

Hey all just a quick update .

We are still looking for folks, mostly some extra assistance in the 3D asset and Unity coding aspects.

We have had some great interaction from Mod-DB but at this time we are not looking for any composers,
as far as audio work goes, SFX/integration of Audio into Unity is more what we still require.

So if anyone is still interested we can be contacted at

Update: 2/2/2012
Things are coming together, and we would like to thank the support we have received from ModDb so far.

We have started asset production and are hoping to have some new things to share with the community soon!

As far as recruitment goes, we are still looking for team members, 3D environment artists and Unity coders a plus at this time.

Just drop us a line at

Update 2/22/2012

Greetings once again Mod/IndieDB-ers!

I'm back again to give a little update on our little project 'Pyre'.

But first I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the support we have recieved from these sites this last month and a half.
We have added several awesome people into our team from the folks running around these sites, and it has helped us
out quite a bit!

Anyways we have begun production on our Game. Our first Main character has been sent out for 3D modeling, we have
an amazing composer putting some fine music together, and our design team is really starting to rock our mechanics out!

I would like to say our doors are still open to anyone else interested in the project, our biggest need is help with asset
generation(primarily 3D creature/ environment) but we can always make room for the right individuals. so if you are still
interested in the project just drop us a line at .



and with that I'll leave you with some new design art !

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Feb 23 2012 Anchor

:C It's been a while since I've visited Mod DB! The hallway is worth it, and I should probably update my stuff to reflect the new things since I've come on board with the Pyre team :)!


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