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Jun 12 2014 Anchor
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Official Website:
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It's been awhile, but High Moon is officially ready to start development on the app again. In the past, High Moon was previewed on Indiestatik, PocketTactics,, and, and Gamezebo. The game had a lot of attention but due to personal issues of some members of the Dev team, the app development needed to stop, and the dev team disbanded.

It was then that I (Stephen Gibson) decided to continue to develop the game as a physical card game (which will be kickstarted soon), and once that was finished, take it and put it into app form. Well...the time has come!

The game is a beautifully simple, easy to learn, fast paced rock-paper-scissors game, where cowboys duel each other using 6 elements. It's awesome, but don't take my word for it, you can download the card version for free here:

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What I'm looking for:

-Experience programming in a game engine that easily ports to PC, Android, Windows, iOs, Ouya, etc. (Unity, Gamemaker Pro, and I'm sure others).

-Experience programming computer AI (the coding for this will be fairly simple based on how the game is designed. Essentially I've figured out statistically the best moves in different situations, but even still, if the computer were to just randomly pick any element, it would still offer a good/fun challenge. But the more challenging the AI, the better).

-Experience producing an app to the app/play store.

-Experiencing with in app purchases (purely vanity items)

-Experience with in-game ads (for the free version)

-Experience with particle effects (and to a lesser extent faking physics).

-Experience with social media sharing (posting outcomes to FB).

-MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Experience with local/online multiplayer for mobile games.

This is possibly a paid position (depends on how my kickstarter goes, there will be a second kickstarter to fund certain features) so feel free to contact me directly @ and we can discuss all involved and you can give me a price quote.

Otherwise, it's sharing royalties on all app sales and committing to keep the app updated over time. You will not own the rights to any of High Moon, other than the work you do yourself (if sharing royalties). All trademarks, copyrights, lore, imagery, story will belong to Isaac Black's Studio.

Keep in mind, the game is 90% done, the art is there, tons of marketing has been done, there is a decent sized social following. I get downloads of the free Print-And-Play version every day (which is saying something, as people will have to drop 5-8 bucks to print it, then cut it out themselves and get people to play it with them).

And here is some art for your enjoyment!

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*bump* Still looking! :)

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