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Jan 17 2014 Anchor

My name is Andrew Turelli JR ! I go by codebreak1337 or Supercodebreak or even just codebreak.. Honestly a man of many names. My website is I write video game strategy guides and have loved doing so since I was a kid. I have a strange desire to be the face of gaming ! Or a famous individual. I can be out there, but i love what I do !

Well just let me know what you all think of the site !

-thanks - andrew(code)

Most Recent Project : ( VERY AWESOME)

Feb 1 2014 Anchor


I am not trying to be mean or anything, but I personally don't really think that your website is very good. I checked out both links, and I think the layout looks very unprofessional. It is a very empty website, a lot of empty space and colors aren't always fitting together. Also, especially on the second link of your post, some of the text is tiny and really difficult to read. With all the mixed up text colors, it looks like a child's homepage, not like "hardcoregames". If you really like what you are doing and you want people to choose your guides instead of others, your website needs to look more professional, less empty, and less colorful. Not that colors are bad, but on your homepage it is just too much.

Also, the way it is made makes it very difficult to find the point of what you are doing. You see long lists of games, and thoughts immediately go to "online shop", especially on the first link.

I don't know, and I am really not trying to be mean, so please don't take me offensively, but due to the reasons stated here I do not think your website is appropriate to fit your ambitions.

Feb 26 2014 Anchor

Hey Andrew I think is good but you can do more , :) waiting for any changes :)

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