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Jul 3 2012 Anchor

I had a problem making my horror map.. I am trying to create a "weeping angel" like object in my map!
And with that I mean that I am trying to make an object to move closer and closer to you and then kill you when you do not look directly at it.
Hopes someone understands what I am trying to do and help me. :|

(I am new to forums so I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum category or something)

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Jul 8 2012 Anchor

not sure on the engine etc you are using and not a programmer but maybe try raycast from you player into there view distance if it hits the angel it cant move if don't hit the angel moves then have some sort collider to say when in area the player dead

Aug 30 2012 Anchor

Yeah, i agree with wiseowlstudios. The best choice appears to be using a raycast from the weeping angels eyes, then you can check for a collision with the player. Another way around this is creating a cross-hair for the game that shoots a raycast and this way you would be able to monitor if the crosshair is currently over the weeping angel.

Java Code for Unity:

function (Update)
 if (collider.hit == GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("weeping angel"))
   weeping_angel_still = true;

   weeping_angel_still = false;

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Sep 25 2012 Anchor

I forget how open the source engine is, you might be able to look at the source code for the following if you want to see how valve do it, or if you're doing it exclusivley in hammer.
They might help you to make a composite of entities that behave the way you want.

Oct 15 2012 Anchor

wait, I don't remember WAs needing to make eye contact, just observing them is enough, meaning you'd have to keep doing a raycast in every direction if something like trigger_look isn't available.
If the engine has AI, then it already has built-in object identification. If you can access it, just add a condition to check and send a trigger message to the angels.

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