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Mar 19 2013 Anchor

First the rules:

To create a development group for your game, mod or engine please use the developers section.
The group is not a duplicate of another listed on the site.
The group must not violate the sites Terms of Use.
The group information provided is correct (i.e. valid company details, email, website).
The group information provided is free of spelling and HTML formatting errors.
A group must have 2 or more members and remain active at all times. It is recommended that you appoint another leader once you group is authorized so that they can manage the group in your absense.

I ask for a higher priority towards this point. Duplicate groups keep getting established which after the hype around them calmed down die(a week or a month, less than a year usually). There is not much activity nor attention from the visitors and members in the group sector. Further splitting up of this does more harm than anything else. Also groups that I can only identify as "random media dump" should not be allowed. Groups which for example ask for media of everything you like from all kind of music to games to anime and cool stuff as they often describe themselves have no point as there are established groups around with clear focus. Be it the Music group or Anime group, respective game group like Halo or C&C or gen groups.

In general I'd like to ask for more recognition from the moddb heads on the group sector. There seems to be barely any management, only in severe outbrakes.

All of this is just IMHO ofc.

Mar 31 2013 Anchor

AFAIK, that's only for identical duplicates/copies of existing groups. Come on, are you actually asking for "monopoly" or "oligarchy" of certain groups? Everyone has a right to start up. It's mostly the fault of group leaders if their group doesn't grow and evolve.

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