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Apr 10 2012 Anchor

I finally broke down and bought myself a Android phone because for one, I can surf the web properly anywhere when far away from my computer and secondly that it's about as powerful as computers of 12 years ago (mine is a Samsung Galaxy W with 1,5 ghz processor and 512mb RAM).
So I thought "Android is Linux based OS, it's entirely possible to run DOS games on it, right? Right?" and went to look for possibilities. And lo and behold, both DOSbox and ScummVM have been ported to Android OS, former available for a small fee and latter for free, all you need is games for them which happily provides, plus I still have old DOS games backed up on CDs from good old days.

Finally I can play through all those old adventure games used to love.

AnDOSbox on Android Market
ScummVM Android download

Also I heard Quake II and Doom have been ported to Android, got to try those out, haha.

Apr 19 2012 Anchor

The only annoying thing is that the controls tend to be pretty shit, but its not too bad. Point is you can actually play the games.

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