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Jazzbyte123 Modder and (growing) game developer.
Mar 5 2012 Anchor

Hello everyone, small mapping question I got here and its troubled me for a while.

Long Description:
I'm wanting to practice ideas in the GoldSrc engine, and there is one problem I am facing. I have a room, which contains a door connecting to the hallway. It's a simple door rotating entity and it works fine, no problems. The only problem is "light bleeding" I am getting, emitting from the room to the hallway. (Basically the light seeps through the corridor). Funny thing is, there is no gaps in the doorway meaning light can't get through.

Now I understand you can use a simple Block Light in Source, but what's the equivalent in GoldSrc to stop the light bleeding effect through doors?

Short Description:
In GoldSrc, how do you stop the light bleeding from a room, lighting through a doorway to the corridor even though the doorway is sealed completely.

Thankyou to anyone who has the time to help :) KUDOS!

ShiftedDesign Levels are my thing
Mar 5 2012 Anchor

I personally have never used GoldSrc but you have to remember that it is a fairly old engine, there may not be a way to.


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Mar 30 2012 Anchor

Not sure that there is a way to solve this. In the Goldsrc engine, entities do not cast shadows. Thus, you will get the "light bleeding" effect. As far as I know the only possible way to avoid this would be to reposition the light, or lower the brightness. That way it won't be as drastic.

Feb 5 2013 Anchor

make it a point entity light that starts dark and when the door gets opened, it triggers the light to come on

Mar 1 2013 Anchor

Normally if you setup a dark source of lighting on both sides of the door it stops light from bleeding through. Just make a really dark light on both sides and it should keep the other lights from penetrating. This works for me normally.

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