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Oct 10 2012 Anchor

So I got LG Optimus Me P350, it has 600mhz procesor and Andreno 200... So I saw videos that this small phone can play:
Sandstrom: Modern Combat
PS1 games with emulator
Asphalt 5
NOVA (???)

So I am wondering, what other games can it play?

My LG OM P350 has android 2.2 also I am wondering if I upgrade it to a higher Android version, would that make my phone slower? If so I should overclock it...

I can believe that this small phone can actually run GTA 3 android in like 5 to 15 frames per second probavly, since I saw some video on youtube... Probavly overclocked LG OM P350...!

Please respond, thank you!

Oct 22 2012 Anchor

how the hell are people overclocking phones?! lol this is pretty much the first time I've ever heard of such a practice.. more importantly.. do they realize how dangerous that is.. the heat alone could cause the phone to explode (see N-Gage or rather the N-Grenade as people nicknamed it)- its bad enough that the battery over heats and can melt anyway.

Updating the firmware likely would make it run faster you'd think given it'd be a more optimized OS... unless that is they added something that wasn't tested properly. But yeah I'd recommend that and see how that goes. Over clocking anything is risky, dangerous and will void your warranty.

Oct 22 2012 Anchor

N-gage is old, new phones are more safe then old ones... So overclocking is plausable and it was done...

So does android 3.0 uses more ram and cpu, gpu power? Whats the best optimized android version of 2.? series...

Also whats the diffrience in gaming on pc and smart phones? Would like for exsample minimum requirments for CS 1.6 on PC would be twice as much on a smartphone?


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