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Dec 8 2012, 7:12pm Anchor

Hey I'm looking to work for indie teams making games. I know Java with Slick2D which is enough to make a game. Please private message me or email me at

Dec 8 2012, 8:15pm Anchor

Do you have anything online to download and play? :)

Dec 8 2012, 10:06pm Anchor

No sorry, I really just finished learning. I do also know quite a bit of C++ if that helps anyone.

Dec 9 2012, 11:38am Anchor

Hi Exo

The textbased browser game I am currently hosting is written in C. Do you have skill in C?


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Dec 9 2012, 4:39pm Anchor

Hi Exo, i sent you an email.

Dec 25 2012, 7:32am Anchor

If you're interested, I'm currently looking for help on my game. It's not using Slick2D but jMonkeyEngine though.

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