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Jan 23 2013, 8:57pm Anchor

This kinda falls along with the thread
And i was thinking the same thing. And how cool would it be to see through the eyes of an animal? Like if you have played the adorable game of Mad Father, You get a chance to play as The bunny "Snowball" To progress forward. And havent you wanted to watch the walking dead with a German Shepard? Just something to consider, maybe a side project to dabble with. All the while, I love you all.

Rookie Coder

JacobRollin Rollin Bros. Founder
Jan 24 2013, 12:08am Anchor

Games have done this in the past, and this idea usually only works with adventure-type games. For example, playing as animal characters worked well in the old Scooby Doo games and Dog's Life (or so I personally think). As for playing as an animal for other genre's of games, I don't believe it would appeal to the player's. The main reason being the way the game would be played-out as an animal. Sure it may be cool to see it from their perspective, but will there really be a great enough gameplay style and mechanics to actually pull the players in? I personally don't think it's something any game developer should consider only because of the lack of attention it would get from the public, but I could be wrong; some may like the idea. I just don't see there being enough unique features playing as an animal in any genre of game other than adventure games. As most, maybe include an "extra" where players are allowed to free-roam as an animal or something similar to that. I'm far from saying it's possible to pull it off, but have you ever seen a successful game where the players control an animal that wasn't an adventure game? Maybe I got the wrong idea from reading your post, but just look at some past games that have used animals as main characters and ask yourself if they were fun.

Jan 24 2013, 4:53am Anchor

I think it's a good idea :)

JacobRollin Rollin Bros. Founder
Jan 24 2013, 1:43pm Anchor

BTW, I'm not the douche who voted "How old are you 7? (Aka no)." I think the base idea is good; just putting it together will be the tricky part. I just felt like ranting last night, that's why I left such a long reply. Hopefully I have some good information you could use though. Put you a team together to polish your idea and begin working on it. Would love to see you pull it off and give it a try.

Jan 24 2013, 4:44pm Anchor

I think it could be a pretty cool idea if used appropriately. I mean look at Okami. I agree with JacobRollin, put a team together, it'd be interesting to see what you come up with.

JacobRollin Rollin Bros. Founder
Jan 24 2013, 4:58pm Anchor

Yeah, Okami is another great example I left out. It is far from impossible to get a large fan-base on an idea like this.

Feb 2 2013, 1:35am Anchor

I see your points.. I guess it was just a strange idea,but imma work on it and ill see what yall think <3 ^-^

Niteshade 3D Artist and aspiring Technical Artist
Feb 6 2013, 8:34am Anchor

Not much of a game pitch. I voted "how old are you".

Feb 6 2013, 8:52am Anchor

I agree with Niteshade, you need to put together a design document on what are your gameplay elements and usp's and more.

Do you have a story in mind you you just getting an idea together? I remember playing a game kinda like this called a Dog's life, was interesting.

Get some ideas together and maybe your have some more solid.

Niteshade 3D Artist and aspiring Technical Artist
Feb 7 2013, 6:20pm Anchor

While a GDD is always nice, I think having such expectations on "new" people here on the forums is kinda... what's the word? Over the top?
But not even writing a game pitch that's just plain lazy.

A pitch should generally cover things like:
-Vital game mechanics
-Art style
-Why the game is cool, why people will play it and why people should help you develop it

...and it should be presentable (vocally) in about a minute - give or take.

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