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Jun 3 2013 Anchor

Hi all, wondering if I could get some thoughts regarding what might be an appropriate engine for our project. We are planning a 2d fighter with RPGish elements, therefore the program will need to be able to move quickly without chugging along or causing weird frame delays.
Currently we are looking at Love, built on top of LUA. Our programmer is thoroughly acquainted with PHP and Javascript, and has had an easy time adapting to it. Were just worried about the languages capacity to render good performance (naturally this depends on the programmer). However We want to know if were not shooting ourselves in the foot. IF there were any there were any other language suggestions that were relatively quick to pick up, help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Jun 4 2013 Anchor

For a fighter I would roll my own because I have specific tastes specifically with this genre.

That said, MK9 was made with the unreal engine. So it's certainly viable to use one. I'm not so sure about LOVE. I havent used it much.

Jun 4 2013 Anchor

We are using Construct 2. It's good for scripters who are designers using scripting langs and also makes use of javascript for core coding. Also exports to multiple platforms including Android/iOS.

Jun 4 2013 Anchor

you:re using construct for a fighting game?

Jun 4 2013 Anchor

Thanks for the tips everyone!
Shinobi, I imagine that unreal is built for 3d games right? We're interested in a 2d game.
Plinkie, I'm surprised to hear talk of an html 5 engine, when the last thing that I associate with html 5 is responsive gameplay. I will direct the programmer to at least take a peak.

Jun 5 2013 Anchor

It is built for 3D but that doesn't mean you can't do 2D with it. These days at the bottom level everything is 3D so it can be hardware accelerated.

This library isn't out yet but it comes with a very robust 2D component, it will be out very soon though :

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