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Mar 14 2013 Anchor

If anyone is looking for a Female Voice Actor I'm interested in getting experience doing voices in games and building up my voicereel.

I'm based in London, England (from there too!) and I'm currently studying Acting at Central School of Speech and Drama. My website is Please see my site for a sample of my natural speaking voice (although I can do strange things with my voice too).

I'm a gamer although I don't have enough time to play games at the moment - Portal, Arkham City & Asylum and LA Noir were probably the most recent games I bought (other than Star Wars KOTOR which I bought recently but isn't exactly a recent release...) My Steam profile is ashjade29.

I can also sing if anyone needs some singing stuff done (background music?). My entire voice and singing portfolio is on my soundcloud (username ashleigh-jade).

Mobius89 Proud FREDder of the Inferno Team
Mar 14 2013 Anchor
Mar 15 2013 Anchor

Yes, shouldn't be a problem and it will help me build up my voice reel.

Mar 17 2013 Anchor

If your main motivation is just to establish a voice reel and not to actually break into the industry at this time, there are a few communities dedicated just to voice acting/dubbing.

if you check out Voice Acting Alliance it has a combination of both original works, game mod/projects, but mostly you'll see "fan" stuff in the course of mangas and anime fandubs (basically they take the original clips and put voices like yours over it). While most of the projects aren't for pay, if you get into enough projects and such that should slowly help you build up your voice reel, professional or otherwise.

There are also sites like Voicebunny and Voice123 where you just "insert" yourself into their database and based on what data you put into your profile, the database will match a project with your voice and have the chance to be hired through those as well.

Not saying IndieDB is a horrible site for Voice-over, so just take my references as advice if you want.

Mar 19 2013 Anchor

No that's great advice - I'd love to break into the industry but need a showreel and experience in order to do that.

Mar 22 2013 Anchor

If you can do a funny, happy voice, I need a few voice overs for an educational app for pre-schoolers (will be available for free) i am currently working on and updating.

Mar 25 2013 Anchor

I love doing funny voices and would like to break into cartoons so I would be interested. Contact me here with the details:

Mar 26 2013 Anchor

Miss Jade sent you a message on your site! Thanks for offering your help

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