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Sep 15 2013 Anchor

With Zenimax/Bethesda's permission of course, I think a Fallout online game would be amazing. With their other franchise which im less fond of becoming an online game which when i got into the beta I actually loved, I think if Fallout became online, it would be better than Warcraft, ESO, RIFT and all the other mmorpgs out there.

Races: Super Mutants, Humans, any other species that can communicate with each other.
"Teams": Brotherhood Of Steel, Enclave, Powder Gang and another that will be exclusive to the game. I would say Caesar's legion or whatever you would call Mr House's side but people who have played a lot of New Vegas know why I'm not.

Basic Plot: You're just a lay low villager from a small town, but then the war of clans come to your village and you get caught in the middle, needing to pick a side if you want to survive. Once you pick your side, you will have various missions related to your specific clan and side quests from people in other towns, that you meet on the road as well as many other places. Over time, you will fight each other and after a few years of the game being up, a DLC would be released full of tons of new missions, items, places to explore etc etc so you may beat the game and leave it for a bit because you're bored of all of the clan battles and any other things you'd be able to do, but the dlc would give you something else to do and would bring you back. Kinda like Warcraft in that way.

Setting: Maybe some revamped Washington DC, Boston MA, New York, a couple areas around there. Fast travel will be needed in this game or some sort of car/horse thing for transportation.

Extra game features: Target practice mini-game, card games like poker and Texas holc'em, 1 v 1, 5 v 5 and 10 v 10 PvP arenas?

I would make this game myself but I'm only a writer. I don't know how to program.


Sep 15 2013 Anchor

I think if executed right, a fallout based MMO would be great. Would rather see Fallout 4 with Elder Scrolls online coming out soon though.

Sep 15 2013 Anchor

small-scale multiplayer feature in fallout 4 : yes, please.
mmo ? no thanks, mmos are rarely any good and certainly not worth the price from a customer point of view. and from a developper point of view well.. a mmo is the hardest type of game you could think of. requires a LOT of resources and flawless game design and honestly isn't worth the price and time to invest.

Sep 15 2013 Anchor

They already announced a Fallout MMO a LOOONG time ago. If you fanboy that much much about Bethesda and Zenimax then you'd know that.

Sep 15 2013 Anchor

Ausländer wrote: They already announced a Fallout MMO a LOOONG time ago. If you fanboy that much much about Bethesda and Zenimax then you'd know that.

That game was cancelled by the way

Sep 18 2013 Anchor

i would like to play a fallout mmo but only if it keeps the normal fallout style.

Sep 18 2013 Anchor

Hurrk! No to everything.

Sep 21 2013 Anchor

To those of you who were saying they would want Fallout 4 over the Fallout MMO then you may be in luck!

Sep 22 2013 Anchor

fallout 4 has been in development for a few years as far as I know. and if I'm not mistaken, it will be in Boston

Sep 22 2013 Anchor

Guiboune wrote: That game was cancelled by the way

I was under the impression it wasn't canceled, Interplay didn't get it out within in the contractual timeframe and the rights went back to Bethesda. Don't remember it being said it would be canceled.


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