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Apr 28 2006 Anchor

If you know Fable ( and TLC) you agree that its a good game but clearly its very easy too.
Im making a mod that increased greatly the overall difficulty of the game like the power of the creatures and boss and other stuff.
Actually the experience system and some creatures and Boss are waiting you.
I need badly some player to test it.

English isn't my native language, i'm french sorry ;-)

Here is a link to my (free) forum there is an internationnal zone.
Fable : The lost chapters Mods

Gryx Gwaaaah?!
Apr 28 2006 Anchor

Have you already made the mod then? Or are you asking for testers now so you have them when you need them?


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Gin Oldsk00l
Apr 29 2006 Anchor

Yes, that wasn't exactly clear right there.o.O


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Icemage Substance > Hype
Apr 29 2006 Anchor

I believe he's working on the mod; it doesn't appear to be completed (though I haven't registered at his forums to confirm this). A quick perusal of the topics here: indicates he's still showing off works in progress (?).

The header to his forums read (roughly translated):

Welcome everyone,

This forum is new, but I hope it has a lot of creativity. This forum is intended to create a French-speaking community about a single subject: modifications for Fable: The Lost Chapters. Everyone can contribute, and need not be an engineer or other [skilled person?] to begin the process of creating mods for Fable.


C'a été beaucoup d'années depuis que j'ai étudié le français; si je fais une erreur, pardonnez-moi sil vois plait.

La majorité de personnes ici ne comprennent pas le français, et peu d'eux travail avec ce jeu. Je ne sais d'aucun endroit sur l'Internet qui discutent la modification de ce jeu en n'importe quelle langue.

Bon chance!


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methy Is he black, is he not?
Apr 29 2006 Anchor

D'accord. Bien fait, Icemage. Moi, aussi, je ne parle pas francias bien.

I'll give up, I can harly talk about the weather in French, let alone computer game mods. Anyway, good luck I hope it works out for you. I can understand French, so if you need playtesting, I'll give it a whirl if you want.

Apr 29 2006 Anchor

I'll try to explain more clearly ^^

I'm working on the mod (a big one) and have made some basic mods before doing my project.
Actually i only need some playtester (don't know if right word ;-) ) .Why i didn't ask french player if i'm french ? I ask but lot are too young and some refuse to help but use the other mod.I don't understand them.

The mod is still : work in progress because the mod in his final release change everything in the game.
We can play my mod actually .I have ..i don't know how to explain that.. the basics of the mod exist.

I have a free forum in french but i have created an international boad for english users.I'll translate all the needed thread about my project named Fable : Rebirth.

I hope it's understandable now.(Thanks Icemage and Methulah)

Link to the international part

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