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Aug 11 2013 Anchor

Hey, I'm a really big fan of Dr.Who and was wondering if someone could create a zero Hour mod for it. It would consist of Four Main Factions: "Unit", "Cybermen", "Daleks" and "The Alliance". The "Unit" faction could use real earth vehicles and infantry could be skinned to look like unit soldiers, also this faction could use the standard USA buildings for it's base, the commando could be brigadier. The Cybermen can have 4 Variants of infantry, The "Cyberman" Standard cyberman but has large health and can only melee attack; thw "gunner" which has less health than a "cyberman" but can shoot using a wrist gun from long range; the "cybershade" is a stealthed unit when still has the least health of all cyberunits but is also the quickest can only melee attack, and the "cyberleader/cybercontroller" This is the slowest but has the most Health of the cybermen, it is the factions commando it can attack from long range with a powerful beam but has a long fire rate; Vehicle could include the cyberking, and other vehicles could be based on real vehicles because of the cybermans origin but can have a cyber look to them. The Barracks could be a cyberfactory, other than that the buildings can be built using the imagination. The Daleks should have a landed mothership as there command centre. The Dozer can be replaced by the red drone dalek. The normal infantry by the bronze (10th doctor) daleks, rocket soldier should become a special weapons dalek, the commando should be the red supreme dalek (10th doctor). The vehicles should consist of the different colour variants of the new daleks, an old broken dalek like the ones seen in the asylum of the daleks should be like bomb trucks. Buildings should be designed like building shown on skaro were. The Alliance will be a mixture of aliens, The infantry should be sontarons, and the commando should be the doctor either 4 or 10, tanks and buildings can be made to look like there from various alien races. Also the daleks flying units should include a flying dalek, and a dalek saucer, Unit should have earth fighers and the alliance should have a tardis with weapons attached that can hover but moves at high speed has heavy armour but does little damage cloaked while moving and have some alien fighters/bombers

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Aug 11 2013 Anchor

Did your Enter button break? Or, why use Space at all ^^? This is such a nice wall of text, I think I'll use it instead of Lorem Ipsum.

When done well and with good humor, this could actually be a pretty fun mod. It just sounds like the Daleks are a bit overpowered in your version. If there are enough crazy modelers who made a lot of Dr. Who models, you could go around collecting and getting them to agree to lending you their models for the mod. Once you have enough you need a coder to put them in the game and tweak the damage.

I think this is your idea, so why put someone else on it? Usually people here follow their own head. With a lot of patience and good planning you could do this very well by yourself. You "just" have to find (or get them custom made) the models you need. And start with some basic units, get more popular and then replace the rest. With the amount of Dr. Who fans out there, there is a chance you could actually find the support you need. Just don't expect it to be done within a few months or even a year. This might become your new life ;)

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Aug 13 2013 Anchor

ok so i now have a cyberman model to use. But am needing someone who can code it in to the game as a replacement for the red guard, also this model need to shoot from the wrist and not hold a gun like the games infantry(do i need to create animations for this using my model). if any one would be willing to help with this project please leave a message.

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